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SWT in Overdrive

overdrive: 1. a gear in a motor vehicle providing a gear ratio higher than that of direct drive (the usual top gear), so that the engine speed can be reduced at high road speeds to lessen fuel consumption or to allow further acceleration. 2. a state of great or excessive activity. source: Google

Thanks to all of your support, SWT has had a busy couple of months! We can’t overstate this enough, our SWT community powers our work.

As you catch up on the events below, we invite you to begin your end of the year donations today. This will enable us to plan our January and February events before the holiday season is in full force and everyone is out of the office until 2023!

As always, thank you for meaningfully and intentionally supporting, connecting, and uplifting this powerful and loving SWT community. Here’s what we have been up to!

SWT Rewind

THE SHAPE UP: The Barbershop Talks returned to Lee’s Barbershop on November 5th, 2022. Licensed therapist, Tariiq Omari Walton, LMFT, led a robust discussion on expanding our definition of Black Love beyond our romantic partnerships. Photography credit: Candi Williams Photography


CNHED’s Equitable Communities Conference- On October 5th, SWT had the pleasure of being a part of the Personal Engagement: Meeting People Where They Are panel alongside Foghill Management. Huge thank you to Steve Glaude for this opportunity. Thank you to board member, Kyle Bacon, for joining us and sharing so much insight to this collective work. Photography credit: Cohen of Cosby Digital


The Capital Market 20743 Annual Harvest Fest- On October 30th, SWT had a blast partnering with our friends at The Capital Market to bring a fun fall art project. Kids and adults created autumn-themed ornaments and canvases for their homes. Thank you The Capital Market for the invitation, our incredible volunteer, Quron Payne, who saved the day, and a nice bonus, our new Governor-elect, Wes Moore, who took the time to listen to the mental health access gaps concerns in our communities.


Families4Families Grocery Drive Fall grocery drops are already underway thanks to our Yorktown and Bethesda high school students. We delivered groceries to over 15 families since our drops on October 15th and November 12th! .


DataKindDC @ Georgetown University On October 22, 2022, SWT partnered with the DC This hackathon style event was an amazing launching pad as SWT continues to build our internal and external data strategies. Huge thank you to the entire team who made this possible and to the amazing volunteers who worked with us on these critical deliverables. Stay tuned as this project continues to grow!



20th Anniversary Fair Chance Butterfly Bash took place on November 5, 2022 at the National Portrait Gallery! It was an honor to celebrate the visionary Fair Chance founder, Amanda Marshall, and to celebrate the incredible capacity-building work Fair Chance provides for nonprofits across the region, including Starting With Today. Huge thank you to former SWT participant, Natalie Coore, for joining me and sharing her SWT story!


Reminder: Grab your Freedom tea blend today! The Black Leaf Tea & Culture Shop & SWT teamed up to bring you this beautiful and delicious custom loose leaf tea blend. Grab yours today and support two Black businesses at once.

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