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MISSION: To create, sustain, and enhance professional, mental, and financial wellness by providing customized training and resources to underserved adults.

Starting With Today (SWT) promotes Black wellbeing and liberation through community programs and advocacy training. By strategically partnering with small Black businesses and community hubs in Wards 7 and 8 of Washington DC and Prince George’s County within the Beltway, SWT creates safe learning spaces for adults to organize, raise awareness, create collective solutions, heal, and have tools, language, and training to better advocate for ourselves, our families, our communities, and the Black collective. 

Our Story

SWT approaches economic justice by hacking systems to reduce the financial, transportation, and cultural barriers to entry for wellness. Since launching in 2014, SWT has delivered over $1 Million worth of services and collaborated with over 35 partners to reach over 7700 participants through career development, economic empowerment, mental health, health and wellness programs, community events, LGBTQIA+, and advocacy training by bringing in the best in industry professionals on a local and national level to share safe learning spaces with our community.

SWt's leadership

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