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One Email. One Love. An Open Invitation.( December 31, 2023 Newsletter)

Updated: Feb 1

2023: SWT in Motion

unity: 1) a condition of harmony  2) continuity without deviation or change (as in purpose or action)

source: Merriam-Webster

We made it!

Thank you for an incredible 2023!! This was truly an “all hands on deck” year that moved Starting With Today forward - from behind the scenes with data maturation and organizational growth to continuing to bring relevant Black-centered and celebrated wellness programs and resources directly to our beloved communities.

And then there was you— our community, our investors, our builders, and our backers. Thank you! You have shown up without prompt, you have given generously, you have poured in, and you have extended grace. Thank you for carrying us through this year.

As we prepare to celebrate our 10th anniversary ALL of next year, our open invitation to each of you is to join us…at community event, a celebration, in giving what you can when you can, to recommending us for an opportunity. In whatever way that moves you, join us.

Here are some highlights of what we’ve been able to accomplish this year together.


2023 Fall & Winter Updates!

New Board Member, Zuri Hunter

SWT is proud to welcome Zuri Hunter to our esteemed Board of Directors. Zuri has been leading our data revamping efforts for the past year with our partners including JPMorgan Chase, DataKind and more. She brings a wealth of knowledge, insights, and fiery energy to move us all forward. She is a Scrum master, and she recently joined the NFL as a Data Engineer. Please help me welcome Zuri to our Board & SWT family!!


Haven’t been to The Shape Up? Here’s what it is like!

Earlier this year, The Shape Up: The Barbershop Talks teamed up with Let’s Talk Bruh for a live recording of our July community session. If you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall, here is a sample of some of the conversations that take place at The Shape Up at Lee’s Barbershop in Southeast D.C.

Huge thank you to Lee’s Barbershop, our resident therapist, Tariiq Walton, LFMT, and Jeremy Herte for the support to elevate mental wellness in our communities.


Family Food Donations by Families4Families

SWT continued it’s partnership with Families4Families to bring fresh, quality groceries to our SWT families serving over 50 people in 10 households with for 6 deliveries this year! Thank you to the high school students of Yorktown’s Families4Families for helping us close the quality food access gaps within our communities!


Charlyn Anderson joins DataKind Global Advisory Group

I am thrilled to share I’ve joined the DataKind Global Advisory Group as a representative of Starting With Today.

DataKind brings data science & AI to the service of humanity.

For the past 2 years in the background, DataKind has partnered with Starting With Today to help us reimagine data both internally within our organization but also externally in the communities we serve and similar communities across the nation. I’ll be sharing more about our valiant data efforts in the coming weeks. Thanks so much Rachel Wells for the invitation to join in this meaningful work! Thank you Jack Craft for being an incredible thought partner with our data revamp! Your listening ear and expertise have been invaluable.


Rock your support!

We have restocked!!

Grab your SWT t-shirt to showcase your support of this beautiful community! Your purchase is a great way to give back AND get some nice merch! Order yours today and support a Black nonprofit, a Black-owned print shop, and a Black graphic designer. That’s a lot of power in your dollars!


Grab your Freedom tea blend today!

The Black Leaf Tea & Culture Shop & SWT teamed up to bring you this beautiful and delicious custom loose leaf tea blend. Grab yours today and support two Black businesses at once.


Copyright (C) 2023. Starting With Today. All rights reserved.

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